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          Potassium hydroxide is a chemical reagent frequently used in our industry. In the process of use, we found that it has the function of bleaching and disinfection. In the production process, the sewage disposal equipment of enterprises can also be upgraded and purified. There are also many bleaching applications of hydrogen peroxide in our life. It is a relatively low-cost reagent. Which substance has better performance compared with the two?
          Hydrogen peroxide is widely used. In our life, we can use hydrogen peroxide for bleaching, bleaching cotton fabrics in the textile industry, and coloring dyed clothes. These are all improvements in technology.
          However, industrial potassium hydroxide, which is irreplaceable in industrial production, is also widely used in many fields such as medicine, chemical industry and military affairs, and can also be used as a bleaching disinfectant. Industrial potassium hydroxide has formed a cohesive force in the market, and it has always maintained its advantage in the competition with similar products.
          In the current era of economic development and continuous technological innovation and change, the use of potassium hydroxide is significantly higher than that of hydrogen peroxide, the application range is obviously more than that of hydrogen peroxide, and the performance is more dominant than that of hydrogen peroxide. In the modern era of continuous development and reform of economy, industry and technology, potassium hydroxide has more value and development advantages.
          When it comes to liquid potassium hydroxide, Xiaobian first thinks of the contact in chemistry class, which is corrosive. Therefore, safety protection measures should be taken during use and storage. I have told you the precautions for use before. Here, I would like to summarize the storage of solution:
          1: A small amount of this solution can be stored in a glass bottle, but a glass stopper (usually a wooden stopper or a rubber stopper) cannot be used. Because the composition of ordinary glass contains more silica, they will react: 2naoh + SiO2 = Na2SiO3 + H2O. Among them, the reactant sodium silicate has viscosity, which will make the stopper stick and cause it not to open.
          2: A large amount of solution shall be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse or shed.
          Keep these points in mind to prevent product damage, economic losses and even accidents. I hope you can read the above articles carefully and store the products in a safe environment. More precautions come to our website http://www.jur90321ufdhofhss.com consulting service


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