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          A variety of chemical materials are needed in industrial production, among which sodium persulfate is one of the representative materials, and industrial products are white crystals. In the early stage, sodium persulfate was not widely used (ammonium persulfate was more widely used), but sodium persulfate did not contain ammonium and had better stability, so its use gradually replaced ammonium persulfate in the later stage! What are the main applications of sodium persulfate in industrial production? Potassium hydroxide manufacturer will explain for you.
          1. Contaminated soil remediation, water treatment (wastewater purification), waste gas treatment, and oxidative degradation of harmful substances;
          2. Initiator for emulsion or acrylic monomer polymerization liquid, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and other products, and initiator for copolymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene and other colloids;
          3. Cleaning and pickling of metal surfaces (for example, in semiconductor manufacturing industry: cleaning and etching of printed circuits), activation of copper and aluminum surfaces;
          4. Desizing and bleaching agents, especially low-temperature bleaching;
          5. It is one of the basic components of hair dye and plays a decolorizing role.
          In addition, sodium persulfate gradually decomposes at normal temperature, and can be rapidly decomposed by heating or in ethanol. After decomposition, oxygen is released and sodium pyrosulfate is generated. Moisture, platinum black, silver, lead, iron, copper, magnesium, nickel, manganese and other metal ions or their alloys can promote decomposition, and rapidly decompose at high temperature (about 200 ℃) to release hydrogen peroxide.
          Soluble in water (70.4 at 20 ℃). It has strong oxidizing property. It is strongly irritating to the skin, and long-term contact with the skin may cause allergies. Attention should be paid during operation. Oral ld50895mg / kg in rats. Sealed storage. The laboratory obtains sodium persulfate by heating the sodium persulfate manufacturer and caustic soda or sodium carbonate solution to remove ammonia and carbon dioxide.
          Sodium persulfate is stable and qualitative at room temperature. It is often used as a strong oxidant. It can also be used as a monomer polymerization initiator and a monomer polymerization initiator. It is almost non hygroscopic, easy to store, easy to use and safe to use. For more information, please visit our website http://www.jur90321ufdhofhss.com Consult and understand!


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