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          The common causes of rust spots on stone can be generally divided into two types: one is caused by the iron element contained in the stone itself; The second is that the rust is caused by external factors, such as residual steel sand or ironware during construction, decorative metal parts, etc. What are the consequences of directly cleaning stone rust with oxalic acid? The potassium hydroxide manufacturer will explain it to you.
          1、 Acid can not wash away all the pollution of stone. Because the pollution that can be decomposed by acid basically belongs to alkaline pollution. For acid pollution such as pigment, pickling is unscientific. Alkali is also ineffective against alkaline pollution.
          2、 Damage the stone structure. The main component of marble is carbonate. Even silicate granite with stable properties also contains calcium carbonate and other decomposable components. The carbonate component will be decomposed when it meets with acid (chemical attack cannot be resisted). If the main components are decomposed, the surface structure of the stone will be destroyed naturally. In the long run, it will be a matter of time before the stone loses light and becomes powdered.
          3、 The stone loses its luster. The common consequence of pickling stone, especially marble, is loss of light. This is related to the decomposition of calcium components on the stone surface.
          4、 The stone turns yellow. Once this yellowing occurs, it can be said to be a large area, especially artificial stone. Because artificial stone is mainly pressed by mineral powder and resin, the resin will accelerate aging and turn yellow under the action of acid. The crystal layer of stone crystal polishing also contains a certain amount of resin.
          5、 Induce various diseases. The acid solution infiltrates into the stone, which will induce various diseases. Common is rust yellow. Iron is easily oxidized to rust under acidic conditions. Stones with soft texture or high carbonate content will generate pits under the action of acid, that is, they will be etched by acid.
          In short, oxalic acid can be used to remove rust, but be careful when using it. Oxalic acid has strong corrosiveness to stainless steel. Oxalic acid with high concentration is also easy to corrode hands. After skin contact with oxalic acid, it should be washed with water in time. For more information, please visit our website http://www.jur90321ufdhofhss.com Consult and understand.


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