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          Today, I will show you how potassium hydroxide can avoid the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. I hope it can help you.
          1. Ensure the pH of hydrogenation and oxidizing agent. The anthraquinone process was used as raw material and operated in an alkaline environment. The oxidation of the hydrogenation solution and the extraction of the peroxide need to be carried out in an acidic environment. The potassium hydroxide oxidation solution will be cracked when it becomes alkaline, thus causing accidents.
          2. The potassium hydroxide alkali treatment technology was improved. Under abnormal conditions in the alkaline process, the generated gas is separated from the tower. In the case of insufficient separation, the alkalinity of the working liquid can reach several hundred times the standard index.
          3. Strictly control the oxygen concentration in the oxidation tail gas. Oxidation tail gas is a flammable gas. In production, when the oxygen content in the mixed exhaust gas reaches more than 15%, an explosive gas will be produced. Therefore, the combustibles and oxygen in the tail gas must be strictly controlled. In order to ensure the safety of potassium hydroxide production, nitrogen is usually used to dilute the oxidation tail gas, and the oxygen concentration is not more than 10%.
          In addition, it should be noted that most of the potassium hydroxide we usually contact is not necessarily pure. Many products are usually used according to their own needs. What is the difference between different concentrations when using?
          1. In fact, there is no special difference in the use of this product. As long as the dosage is enough, the effect is actually very poor. The reason why there are some differences in use is that the degree of neutralization with fatty acids is different. In fact, we can also see that the solubility of many fatty acids such as potassium hydroxide in water is generally limited, so that the fatty acids produced after neutralization cannot be neutralized.
          2. In fact, the specific concentration used is also closely related to different processes. Therefore, in fact, other substances in the substance may have some impact when using different concentrations, but the impact of this part is relatively small. However, when making soap, some people may find that some problems may be caused by insufficient concentration of potassium hydroxide. However, the problem in this part is that the calculation of concentration is not accurate. As long as we determine the concentration and then treat it with appropriate dosage.
          The above content is all about potassium hydroxide. I believe you have learned the methods after reading the above knowledge points. If you still have any questions, you can contact us directly and follow the website http://www.jur90321ufdhofhss.com Consult more.


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